Dear English speaking friend,

You too are welcome to the Szivbunker (Heartbunker)!

What’s the Heartbunker?

A place. A community. A lifestyle. A Christian mission project.
It is all about Jesus Christ!:-) 

Jesus is the ultimate bunker for our hearts (see Ps 91 and Prov 4:23).

The Heartbunker is where you preserve your heart in the love and grace of God, which He (our Heavenly Daddy) has shown you in His Son, Jesus Christ, who Himself is the Life.

He died (and rose again) for you while you were still a sinner, and took your place on the cross, so that through this divine exchange you may have a life that is in every aspect fully satisfied.
At the Heartbunker we live and grow by faith in Jesus, embracing this amazing news of God’s grace, His life-giving Spirit, and the power that is hidden in the cross of Christ.

We learn to pursue intimacy with God, and be led by His Holy Spirit more and more in every areas of our lifes.

We believe that if God did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, He will, along with Him, also graciously give us all things, just as He has promised it in His beautiful and electrifying love message.

What’s our story?

Our mission has its roots back in Nazareth…;-) But let’s jump more than 2000 years and 2100 miles, back to London, where Jesus Christ of Nazareth inspired the founders of Heartbunker, György Berényi and his wife, Natalia, to organize a Bible training for Hungarians in London. This mission, enjoying the Lord’s unmerited favour, grew not only in size but also in church functions, operated for a couple of years, and in 2011 the members of this community merged into a then-formed London based church.
Trusting this former fellowship into God’s caring hands, the founders followed the call that was for long upon their hearts and moved home to Budapest to continue their ministry in Hungary. Accordingly, Heartbunker was launched in 2012, with the “Put Christ in the centre!” campaign.

Our vision is to be a resource centre for all who thirst the good news of the gospel of Christ, an ever burning engine for revealing Jesus and His grace in more and more details and spreading the mistery about His finished work on the cross, that has changed our lifes! We believe that He is calling us ALL to be His glorious church in the last days, in which He reveals His glory and makes the supernatural natural.

To fulfill this call, amongst our actions, we are planting a local church in the heart of Budapest, as we strongly believe in the importance of local churches and love-fellowships. We also run a comprehensive, in-depth Bible training that is available for everyone online for free, while the recordings of our Sunday sermons can be watched both on a national TV channel (PAX TV) and on Youtube. Although all these are in Hungarian, you can rest assured that you’ll find fluent English speakers in our midst, and also, that you can have the Sunday message interpreted into English. Further, we will be happy to recommend you plenty of excellent English language resources.

We hold our services in the rooms of a 14th district warehouse converted into a Christian centre.
1149 Bp, Kövér Lajos u. 21-23., left side warehouse building, 2nd floor (feels like 3rd floor), Felház Christian Centre
Our meeting times:
3 pm – 7 pm every Sunday

We also have baby and parent rooms and kids church during the service.

We also meet for prayers and communion at homes during the week, and organise various other church programs like seminars, praise and worship parties, water baptisms, camps, evangelism events etc.

You can also follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Szivbunker

Please get in touch with us at: info@szivbunker.hu

You are blessed and beloved in Christ!